NLP Basic Workshop


Neuro linguistic programming is a simple method of studying and experiencing the cause and effect of external impulses on internal feelings. It puts us in control of all our emotions while negating the need to do away with any emotion that we’ve been led to believe is bad. The 10-day program shares techniques that can be used on self as well as on others to make for better communication with self and the world.

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Programme Outcomes:

  • Exploration and deeper inner awareness.
  • Healing, transformation and integration of all faculties within.
  • Building powerful resources for the future.
  • Building powerful rapport and communication.
  • Enriching the inter and interpersonal relationship.

Neuro Linguistic Programming
is a simple, skillful method for studying what goes on inside a person (subjective experience). NLP deals with the processes people use to build their unique, distinctive maps or models of the world. NLP gives a practical and dependable method for developing and expanding those maps so that a person develops more choices and becomes truly autonomous. As a result effective communication can become a matter of conscious choice. In general NLP explains how brain works, how human beings think, feel, learn, motivate themselves, interact with others, make choices and achieve realistic goals.

“Excellence has a structure, It can be taught and learnt ” Neuro Linguistic Programming has proved and demonstrated it; thus radically revising the idea of personal growth and capabilities. NLP is called magic due to its quickness and effectiveness, and with. NLP techniques change becomes easy and effortless. The well-established mind body connection has helped many people to be free, flexible, happy and achieve excellence effortlessly by just reprogramming their mind.

To equip Participants with Knowledge and skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming., enabling them to be self-reliant in handling various challenges in their lives, and ensuring transformation and growth in all areas of life.

Choice of NLP:

  • NLP supports transformation by:
  • Providing a framework for development and change.
  • Accelerating the learning and awareness process.
  • Equipping with tools to handle limitation and resistance to growth.
  • Using whole brain approach and working at conscious and unconscious levels, and making change easy.

Results have proven that NLP is highly effective in creating fast, long lasting, and holistic changes and development in one’s life. NLP processes lead to continuous learning and growth.
The course does not give a prescriptive answer. Rather it will equip you with the necessary skills to evolve answers specific to your situation. The basic course in NLP gives you a set of tools and methodologies that will enable you to make more useful choices in every situation and to be on the path of mastery of your capabilities.

During this course you will learn how to:

  • Sharpen sensory acuity, enlarging your ability to pay attention to details.
  • Develop flexibility of behavior to vary your approach in order to accomplish desired outcome.
  • Develop resourceful and high performance states.
  • Identify of states that are most conducive to learning and personal development.
  • Look for newer and more creative approaches to life’s challenges.
  • Model what works.
  • Change your feelings, emotions or behaviors at will.
  • Communicate precisely and effectively.
  • Balance right and left brain faculties.
  • Build new pathways and empowering beliefs.
  • Expand your choices.