Stress Release Workshop


The word stress is usually perceived as something that affects us due to the action of others around us. How many times do we state that work has become stressful because of a demanding client or that an errant team member is contributing to challenges? This program helps understand how stress develops and what we can do to manage it within our own mind

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stress-releaseCourse Content:

  1. Working of the brain, perceptions, maps, reality, distortion, deletion and distortions.
  2. Emotions and energy. How to use these effectively to achieve the desired goals.
  3. Reframing the situations and how to look into situations as the challenges to grow.
  4. Problems- Blame frame and outcome frame.
  5. Mind body connection.
  6. Meditation and kinesiology.

It is estimated that around 40 % of the workforce in India suffer from occupational stress. The WHO study also indicates that stress in its manifestations like heart diseases, blood pressure, ulcers, asthma, and chronic depression could become number one killer in the world.

The Stress releasing Workshop is based on the mind body connection of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). It is aimed at revitalizing the body and mind by shedding the accumulated stress, and energizing the entire system for a rejuvenated self.

The workshop is recommended for the task accomplishing, hardworking professionals, and executives of the corporate world.

Based on the eastern thoughts, body healing music and the resonating effect of music on the body the workshop aims at freeing the individuals from the clutches of unproductive stress through self-awareness.

This is a one-day workshop where people are made to become aware of the functional and dysfunctional stress. The workshop helps people to use the functional stress to achieve the excellence and eliminate the dysfunctional stress.

Course Methodology:
The whole course is designed in a creative and participative style. All the concepts are derived through various types of games with involvement of the body to enhance the awareness of self.