When I came for the Lab, I felt uneasy, a tightness in the stomach and lots of fear. What was it all about? Will it help me at all? What would others feel or say? However, three days later, I went back with hope in my heart, a perpetual smile on my face and much better understanding of who I am. Thanks Leo and Team!

Sohini BagchiEditorTrivone Media NetworkKolkata

It was a learning curve that made me aware of my innermost strength and today I encourage my friends and colleagues to get this experience

Umesh KGHimalaya Drug Company Bangalore

Three days of extensive experiential learning changed my life forever and made me perform to a new potential

Ramanan SGlobal Learning LeaderEYBangalore

The lab really opened a new level of consciousness in me, helping me both at work and in my personal life

Sajan MathaiSenior Director (HR)Oracle

The fun, the humor and the energy really enlivened the atmosphere at the three- day program. The facilitators showed a keen interest in the transformation of each and every participant at the program while the group itself acted as a therapeutic. The entire experience was both exploratory and enriching. I experienced a huge change and have tested it repeatedly. I assure you that it works each time and I see a new me now.

Aideen d’ArcyDublin

The wonderful insights into human behavior, the clarity of purpose and the ability to get great results for the participants are what I took away from the program. I found the program to be deep and supportive, yet challenging in a very meaningful way. While not putting off any of the participants in the group, the Lab gave each of us the processes and the tools to transform. A very positive, uplifting and introspective experience indeed.

Jenny McGlade Dublin

It was really an experience that was both fun and filled with learning about myself as well as my map of the world. The zest and energy that the facilitator carries easily rubs off on the participants who seek their own transformation in the program. It was different, it was empowering and it was above all a major transformation.

Mary Moran Psychotherapist Dublin, Ireland

To say that your Lab is amazing is merely understating the obvious. The changes that it brought about in me have been so powerful that I experience a different outlook to life till date – several months after I attended. I am happy and healthy and also experience deepened relationships that make me smile even when I face challenges in life. This is indeed a beautiful gift that the team at Nova has bequeathed to me.


Having suffered due to a phobia, I was amazed at the ease with which the facilitators at Nova changed my life. Are you performing miracles? I have never experienced something similar in my life and I will definitely recommend this program for anyone who suffers from a phobia or an allergy.

Lakshmi Bengaluru

Live has never been the same since I attended the three-day transformational Lab. I have been to several programs in the past but the experience I went through with you and other facilitators has made be feel strong and confident. Gone are the sleepless nights and the discomfiture while interacting with others. Gone is the shyness and the feeling of being useless. My change has been overwhelming to everyone connected with me as my ability to understand and communicate has improved substantially. My ability to laugh and connect is what I see as a major breakthrough.

Prakash PMumbai