From a person who was uncomfortable sharing my innermost thoughts, I transformed into someone who could easily communicate with others and myself around me. The healing and rejuvenation was indeed amazing and what was even more astounding was the fact that I did it myself with your support. I had been going to a counselor for over two years but what happened over three days was amazing as I found all the answers that I was seeking.


It was a wonderful three days that I spent in the lab at the end of which I experienced a transformation that was surprising for me as well the rest of my family. In fact, it took me more than a month to be convinced of the changes that the program had brought in me by way of my ability to communicate with myself and with the rest of the world. Thanks for supporting my self-discovery, which helped me, change after twenty long years.


It was a wonderful experience that I had over three days, an experience that changed my perception of my near and dear ones, my colleagues and myself. In fact it changed by outlook towards life itself. I now relate to people in a more meaningful fashion and this awareness has helped me enjoy each and every moment of my life


The program was amazing and though I was close to 40 years old when I participated, I felt as though a new me was born. I felt more curious, full of energy and raring to start life all over again.

Jyothi RamananBengaluru

It was an amazing program, which made me realize my true potential as well as my responsibilities. It was a truly different experience to anything that is spoken about in common training and development programs. I recommend this program to each and every individual who wants to break free and explore greater heights and glory

Prathap Reddy

The course was excellent and helped build and bond our team. It was probably better than any that I had experienced in the UK or the US. Though initially anxious at being part of the participants, I experienced a transformation that now I believe is a must for all staff members.

David StreetAdministratorSt. Dominic’s SchoolBangalore

A fun-filled workshop where three days passed by without my noticing. The program was well organized and the facilitators were amazing. Their extensive research and exhaustive experience in connecting with the human mind was incredible. Usually people tell me ‘it will work if you believe’. In this case, I did not believe and experienced transformation nonetheless.


The three-day program was indeed a healing journey. I began to feel positive towards everything that life offers, to take every reality positively. These three days have made a world of difference to me. The journey of thousand miles has begun with the first step.”

Joy S.J.