Unleash Your Latent Power


The human mind does not possess time and spatial knowledge, which means that but for the present moment, it does not connect feelings with events in a specific time and place. For e.g. embarrassment suffered during a school program could hinder our ability to become good public speakers or presenters. This three-day program helps participants uncover such hidden hurdles and overcome it

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Number of participants:
Ten to fourteen participants per group

The Basic Requirement
An open mind to grow, and a desire to be happy in life.

Excellence has a structure. It can be taught and learnt.

Neuro Linguistic Programming has proved and demonstrated it; thus radically revising the idea of personal growth and capabilities. NLP is called magic due to its quickness and effectiveness, and with. NLP techniques change becomes easy and effortless. The well established mind body connection has helped many people to be free, flexible happy and achieve excellence effortlessly by just reprogramming their mind.

The NLP based personal growth laboratory was conceived and implemented to achieve happiness and inner freedom. This is group based learning and growing experience, in which an individual achieves clarity of thought, focus, purpose and direction through well structured learning experiences. The synergy of the group is utilized to hasten the awareness so that the individual has time and data to clarify and evaluate ones own life programs. This awareness powerfully guides the person to build on his/her strengths and change towards more choices, options, happiness and inner freedom.


  • Realised the strengths and resources.
  • Redefined the personal goals and dreams.
  • Became aware of their creative energy and started using it in day to day life situations.
  • Enjoyed and contributed by becoming effective and committed team members.
  • Acquired effective interpersonal skills to sustain human relationships.
  • Expanded individual horizons by accomplishing goals.
  • Achieved flexibility in thinking and acting.
  • Managed different types of stress.
  • Became creative and resourceful in facing challenging situations.
  • Started relating meaningfully with family members and colleagues.
  • Started using the time effectively by planning .
  • Became more capable in understanding and managing emotions.
  • Became free from past hurts, wounds and crippling feelings.
  • Able to handle grief comfortably.
  • Got cure for phobias and allergies.
  • General health condition improved drastically.
  • Started wearing a smile.
  • Got rid of many negative feelings.